Monday, March 1, 2010

Our class visions...

As a class, we all have to work together with the NE committee to achieve the NE goals for the school. So, the NE commitee really hope you will take some consideration into the visions we put up below and really work with us as a class...

1) We really hope that all of you will participate in the events and activities organized by the NE commitee so that all of you will have a sense of belonging and pride of students in SST.
2) By creating events, we can ask all of you to cooperate so that all of you will have an engaging and fulfilling experiences that they will remember for a longtime.
3) We will teach all of you more about National Education so that all of you will bring back the knowledge of National education. By having the knowledge, you all will be ready to be a leader and represent our school and country.
4) Making all of you engaged in the activities planned and makes all of you really understand the meaning behind National Education. We will also make all of you aware of our country,the races in our country,the needs and concerns of Singapore and as well as to know about other countries to be globally connected institution)

Signing off,
NE commitee

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